Johann Prell

Role at Pole

Game and Audio Programmer. What I’m doing depends a lot on the needs of the current project! In game projects this can be implementing Poles awesome audio content in levels, characters and effects. Or creating any custom audio systems that the game might need, as well as facilitating a workflow where our Audio Designers can iterate and improve the quality of the games sound layer with less impact on inhouse developers time. To that end, I think it’s also important to create good testing and QA setups so designers quickly can catch bugs and make sure audio systems and components are acting as expected.

We’re also looking into making some stand-alone tools for content creation, which is an exciting prospect for me – I’m very much a fan of good workflow.

Favourite work-related equipment

As a programmer, I love a good mechanical keyboard. The things you use to interface with the software you’re working on matter!

In terms of audio equipment, I have a love for somewhat quirky guitar pedals – current favorites are Dark Star reverb by Old Blood Noise, and Bitquest multieffect by Dr Scientist.

Audio software also is a treasure trove of great stuff! To me, Valhalla DSP and Neural DSP stand out in terms of algorithms, as well as Arturia and Izotope. Spitfire LABS is amazing sample content for free. My penchant for the quirkier and experimental side of audio goes for software as well – I fondly remember the days of Smartelectronix and Destroy FX. More recent discoveries are the Bitwig DAW and companies such as Baby Audio, Freakshow Industries, Glitch Machines… My most important gear have to be my running shoes though – you need some of that fresh air as well!


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