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With more than 30 years of experience from music production and 10 years of field recording and sound design, our expertise and services today include complex sound recording, sound design, composing, post production, mixing and implementation, for film, games and industry use.

We have long experience of arranging and performing complex recordings in challenging environments, and have recorded vehicles, guns, ambiences and other sound effects for many game and film titles.

We can create and implement assets for your game, installation or interactive project, or tracklay and edit sound effects for your film. Contact us about your project to see how we can help you!

Over the years we have developed and refined our skills in composing adaptive, nonlinear music for the gaming industry. We can do anything from down-scaled ambient music to full-blown orchestra tracks.

We do final mixing on music and film soundtracks. Depending on the demands and budgets of your projects, we have several different studios to work in.

We offer licensing of high-quality commercially usable sound effect libraries for your projects. Single User licenses are available from the Sound Shop, and please contact us at for Multi User licenses.

Together with the talented Blom Brothers, we can offer any media service connected to scripts, filming, editing, grading, VFX and 3D animation, along with our audio services.

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Ben Minto

Audio Editor @ Dice

Max, Mats and Bernard are our local go to recordists, here in Stockholm. Over the past eight years at DICE, we have worked closely with POLE in recording and obtaining world class source material.

Magnus Lindberg

Sound Director @ Avalanche Studios

Mats Lundgren of Pole Position Production has been Avalanche’s main composer since 2007. Mainly because of his musical brilliance, but also because he is a reliable teamplayer and always deliver.

Mathias Grünwaldt

Audio Director @ EA

Pole Position Production is a regular partner for our recording projects. They deliver great sounding recordings and I know they are always well prepared for eventual problems out in the field.

Pavel Stebakov

Audio Director @ Gaijin Entertainment

The guys from the Pole Position Production literally spread all over the world to record authentic engines of tanks and planes for us. As a result, tremendous work has been done in every sense of the word, and I personally got a few new friends.

Eric Thorsell

Sound Designer @ MediaMonks

We really enjoy working with Pole Position Production. The work they provide for us is always professional and high quality. We fully recommend Pole to anyone who is serious about creating beautiful sound and it is always a pleasure working with this talented company.

Alex Gregson

Sound Designer @ 344 Audio

We had a lot of extensive car chase scenes with exotic vehicles which we didn’t have the budget to rent and record. I chose Pole Position products for their multiple microphone positions and intimate sounds. The Director loved the results on the Lamborghini / Camaro SS car chase scene!


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