Ferrari Testarossa 1990


Recording of Italian 1990 Ferrari Testarossa sound effects from a sports the classic sound of a 4.9 liter, V12, 396 horsepower engine.


1990 Ferrari Testarossa Sound Effects Library

The Italian 1990 Ferrari Testarossa sports car sound collection includes 245 clips in 17.05 gigabytes of sound. It shares the classic sound of a 4.9 liter, V12, 396 horsepower gas engine in a total of 10 synchronized takes.

20 exterior and onboard perspectives are provided. The 7 exterior perspectives share driving from slow, medium, to fast speed as the sports car arrives, departs, passes by, and reverses, with additional starting, stopping, and idling takes. The 13 onboard perspectives include microphones mounted at the exhaust, engine, and in the interior (including and Ambisonic perspective) to capture driving with ramps, gearshifts, and steady RPMs.

The collection downloads with full embedded metadata support, Reaper and Pro Tools mixing sessions, custom mixes of the onboard perspectives, and metadata import files in 7 languages.

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17.05 GB


96kHz / 24bit

Number of files


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Year & Era


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License typeRoyalty-free Single User License. For multi-user license inquiries, please email


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