Introducing – The New Pole Position Production Website!

December 7, 2020
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December 7, 2020 Max Lachmann

Introducing – The New Pole Position Production Website!

New Pole Position Production Website Launched

After months of anticipation, the new Pole Position Production website is finally being launched. Among many things, website visitors can enjoy a brand-new sound effects shop.


So Max Lachmann, why a new website?

We realized that many thought of us as a sound effects shop, and that our website did not clearly communicate our other services – Post-Production, Music Production, Interactive Sound Design, Game Implementation and Industrial Sonification – so we decided to redesign the site, with absolutely amazing help from our friend Mike Johnson. The new site will, besides looking awesome, also have improved shop functionality with bulk discounts and multi user licenses applied directly in the shop.


But you also wanted to update some other content, right?

The company has grown significantly over only the last 3–4 years. We are now about 10 people working here and we’ve added a few more skills and a few more services during recent years. Of course, we want all of this to be included on our website.


Are there any new features on the website you are particularly content with?

You will be able to find more information about the projects we have been working on and what services we cover, along with testimonials that we are very proud of. You can also listen to some of the music Mats is constantly producing and the shop will be highlighted on the main page as well as our news and articles. And just like the old site, the most vital info will be available in several languages.


And the end result, did it meet your expectations?

Mike has, with some help from us and others, done an absolutely amazing job with the new site, and we are super excited about it. The site is such an important part of the marketing work, so I think it’s crucial it communicates who we really are and what we do. We would be very happy if people checked it out and sent us their feedback! We hope to have everything tested carefully before launch, so hopefully everything will run smoothly, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you find anything which isn’t.

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