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A game or a movie without music is like a room without furniture. Music is what gives the story its color, tone and pacing and it has the ability to change the mood of the player in an instant. Regardless if the character is chased by a flash throwing ogre or feeling slick cruising down Biscayne Boulevard in a 68 Dodge Charger, music will add layers to the atmosphere and enhance the experience. At Pole we compose and produce music for commercials, games and film. Our team of award-winning composers and producers has worked with several platinum-selling artists and we create tailor-made soundtracks which gives the story the precisely right mood.

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Mathias Grünwaldt
Mathias Grünwaldt

Audio Director @ EA

Pole Position Production is a regular partner for our recording projects. They deliver great sounding recordings and I know they are always well prepared for eventual problems out in the field.

Mats' Compositions

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