Introducing Sound Library Feature Videos

September 7, 2021
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September 7, 2021 Max Lachmann

Introducing Sound Library Feature Videos


Today Pole Position Production is introducing sound library feature videos. The videos showcase new, unique features included in a growing number of our vehicle bundles, weapon collections, and sound effect libraries.

In today’s post, we’ll take a look at why Pole created the videos and how they can help you. We’ll also take a first look at the initial video, “Sound Library Session Organization”, and learn how Pole’s custom editing projects can help you cut more quickly and easily.


What Are Sound Library Feature Videos?

Pole Position Production provides professionally recorded sound fx collections of tanks, airplanes, muscle cars, guns, ambiences, gore, and many more. Many of these are recorded with elaborate microphone arrangements across dozens of tracks with scores of takes. Often these collections total many gigabytes of content and hundreds of sound clips.

At Pole, we are sound designers, composers, and game audio editors too. So, we know what it’s like to need to find the perfect sound and get back to work.

The sound library features were designed with this in mind: to allow sound editors to use the 350+ Pole Position Production collections more quickly and easily.

The new sound library features include:

  • Sound library session organization: get a bird’s-eye overview of a collection to find just the sound you need.
  • Pro Tools and Reaper editing sessions: edit and mix collections in your favourite DAW with pre-aligned projects.
  • Bonus custom mixes of onboard vehicle recordings: save time by using premixed renders of interior, engine, exhaust, and other mix downs.
  • Specific performed sound effects and wild Foley: add detail to your projects with model-specific authentic recordings of doors, dashboard instruments, tones, movement, and other pin-point effects.
  • Metadata and keywords translations in 6 languages: find clips quickly with ample multi-format descriptive metadata, as well as hand-picked nouns and verbs from 6 additional languages.

Sound Library Tutorial Videos - Reaper Session

Why Use Sound Library Features?

The Pole Position sound library videos were created to introduce game audio editors and post production pros to the additional features included in our collections. Each of them was thoughtfully designed to eliminate a “pain point” in post production or game audio workflow.

Every one of these features was intended to help find the perfect vehicle clip, howitzer blast, gore splatter, or metal scrape, and swiftly get back to editing.

Pole packs a lot of effort into each collection we release. The features are also meant to help you discover new benefits within each sound bundle, uncover new parts of our sound libraries, and share options for helpful workflows.

These features are now included in our 50 most recent sound effect releases, and are being gradually added to our back-catalogue.


Sound Library Video Tutorials

But how can you use these new features?

Pole Position has created five videos, each focusing on one of the new features of the collections. These quick tutorials walk you through the benefits of pre-made mix downs, metadata curation, editing sessions, and other sound library add-ons so you can get the most out of each race car sound library, machinery collection, bundle of snow sound fx, or others.

Each month Pole Position Production will be sharing one of these features in a highlight tutorial video.

Still have questions about our sound libraries? Contact us. We are happy to answer any questions about our sound libraries, or how to use them.

Sound Library Tutorial Videos


Sound Library Session Organization

Let’s get started.

The first video explains the Sound Library Session Organization.

In this video, you’ll learn how to get a polar view of a sound library’s entire arrangement of sound clips, including:

  • Project layout
  • Track labelling
  • Marker arrangement
  • Using tandem takes
  • Navigating onboard and external perspectives selection

…and more. The Sound Library Session Organization video explains why you don’t really need a sample manager to get the most use from each of Pole’s detailed sound bundles.

There are five videos, and we’ll be adding more features over time. You can find them on the Tutorial Videos page on our website, or on our YouTube channel. You can also join our email newsletter to learn when each new video has been released.


Sound Library Releases with New Features

Our three most recent releases this month each include the new sound library features:

The new features have been standard with our recent releases of more than 50 previous libraries. We will be adding them to our other 300+ collections as we update them over time.


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