Edit Vehicle Sounds Faster (and Cheaper!) with New Spotting Folders

February 8, 2023
February 8, 2023 Paul Virostek

Edit Vehicle Sounds Faster (and Cheaper!) with New Spotting Folders

Learn About Pole's New Sound Library Feature

Today we are introducing a new sound effect library feature: spotting folders.

Do you want to cut vehicle sounds more quickly? Looking for an agile car sound effect library? Want to just drop exactly the clips you need into your project timeline? Pole Position Production’s sound library spotting folders were designed for you.

What exactly are spotting folders? How can they help you? In this blog post we’ll share what spotting folders are, how they are different from our larger collections, and how they help you. We’ll also showcase our 28 (and growing!) spotting folder vehicle sound libraries currently live in our shop.

What is the Sound Library Spotting Folder?

The sound library spotting folder is a curated collection of clips. The collection features the “greatest hits” of a vehicle’s maneuvers: the best of performances while driving slow, medium, and fast with gearshifts, ramps, and steady RPMs, as well as start ups and shut downs, idles and revs. Each carefully selected clip has a mixed onboard engine, interior, and exhaust perspective, joined by 2 or more exterior perspectives, too. Many collections include performed effects of doors, horns, windows, and more.

Each of these clips is carefully trimmed and isolated so you have just the performance you need without any added bulk. You have just an isolated snippet of a departure, arrival, or pass by. There are small spans of steady onboard driving, reversing, or stopping, too. The performed effects include the best single take of single door opens, shutting, parking brakes engaging or releasing, and so on.

This makes it easy to find the best clip quickly and get back to creating.

Need to reference the takes from our full libraries? Each spotting folder clip includes the take number it was sourced from, so you grab the full track from the complete library if you need to.

Here’s a video from Pole’s sound editor Paul Virostek that explains more:

Why Use the Sound Library Spotting Folder

Why choose the sound library spotting folder?

Named after the “spot to track” feature in audio software, the sound library spotting folder helps you save time by using preselected, curated takes. The carefully chosen takes help you quickly find the best pre-trimmed clips to spot directly to timeline without needing to sift through dozens of channels of audio to find the proper sound.

The spotting folders are light on the wallet, too. The spotting folder is discounted $150+ from our full collections at $49 to $99.

Many of our customers love our full libraries. However, they also wanted the option to find and use pre-chosen smaller clips without any fuss to get to work quickly.

Each of the individual clips can be dragged and dropped into project timelines without trimming. Just find your perfect clip from within one simple folder and drag it in – no trimming required.

What’s the Difference Between the Full and Spotting Libraries?

Each of these new collections provides the option to choose between the smaller, curated and trimmed spotting folder or the full multi-channel complete library. How are they different?

In short, the spotting folder is an abridged version of our full libraries. This chart explains more:

Spotting folder:

  • selected trimmed clips of maneuvers (up to 30 second clips)
  • single performed effects takes (doors, horns, etc)
  • mixed versions
  • sourced from 5 tracks
  • embedded metadata
  • designed to be quick and easy use
  • $49-$99

Complete collection:

  • full length maneuvers (3-7 minutes)
  • multiple, varied performed effect performances (doors, horns, etc)
  • multichannel recordings (30+ tracks)
  • original microphone tracks and mixed versions
  • embedded metadata
  • Pro Tools and Reaper mixing sessions
  • keyword translations in 6 languages
  • also includes the spotting folder
  • $249

Decided to change your mind later? No problem. You can upgrade from the Spotting Folder sound library version to the Complete collection later for the difference in price. Contact us for more information.

How Do I Get Sound Library Spotting Folders?

We have 28 libraries with spotting folders, with more being added soon. You can spot them in our shop with the grey “Select Options” button. Clicking this displays the product page.

Click the dropdown to choose between the spotting folder or complete collection. Note the different file number, size, and price. Simply add it to your cart, checkout, and the spotting folder will appear on the confirmation page for you to download (links are also provided in confirmation emails as well).

List of Sound Libraries with Spotting Folders


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