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“Today we dropped a 500-pound block of concrete on a piano and used a Sonosax R4+ with a Sanken 100k to record it, tomorrow we’re designing monster sounds and next week we’re off to the Ukraine to record local wildlife in the Pripyat area.” When people ask what we do at Pole, it’s easy to get lost in explanations of technical equipment and stories from field recordings in odd places all around the world. But, if you break it down, we are really all about audio and what we do is create music and sounds for games, motion pictures and industry use.

We first started out as a music production company. Recording sounds was just something we stumbled upon when one of our founders, who also was a race car driver, was asked by a fellow competitor if we were interested in recording engine sounds, produce music and design sounds for his games. Fun and challenging at the same time, so a no brainer! We came from nowhere and had to figure it all out from scratch. We really learnt by doing, and it was the best way of learning it. We had no one to ask or look to, so we found our own way of doing things in the field and in the studio.

That was some 15 years ago and a lot has happened since. Today we’re a highly experienced and effective crew always ready to deliver exactly what our clients ask for, whether it’s field recording, sound design, music composition, music production, game implementation, audio post production and sound effect licensing. Our sound effect shop contains approximately 300 sound libraries ranging from vehicles, weapons and metal sounds to ambiences and gore sounds. Our libraries are detailed and extensive, many of them unique, and they tell the story of the several hundred recordings performed by Pole Position through the years.

A long the way we’ve suffered from motion sickness in VR-projects, made a 26-person string orchestra improvise orchestral effects again and again, learned to love cable ties and paid obscene sums of money for overweight baggage. We’ve had the privilege to join forces with Volvo Cars to evaluate the use of sound in highly automated cars and we’ve played major parts in the making of legendary games such as Just Cause 2, Mad Max the Game, Generation Zero, The Hunter: Call of the wild and Battlefield V.

We’ve also received mails, one of them from four time Academy Award winner Richard King, in which he asked us if it was possible to locate and record a certain boat he’d seen on Youtube. It was, we did and, in the end, we contributed with several different sounds to widely praised war movie Dunkirk which went on to win an Oscar for Best Sound Editing and an Oscar for Best Sound Mixing.

But even though contributing to an Academy Award winning movie or chasing a flock of sheep from a runway in order to record a WW2 warbird, are fairly safe claims to fame, that is not what propels Pole Position Production. Great sounds can send shivers down your spine. They can make your face open up in a big smile and they can give you a feeling of what it’s like to accelerate from zero to a hundred in a Porsche 911 ST. And that, is what it’s all about, bringing the sound from source to mind.

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With more than 35 years of experience from music production and 15 years of experience from field recording and sound design, our expertise and services today include Field Recording, Interactive Sound Design, Industrial Sonification, Audio Post-Production, Game Implementation and Music Production and Composition.


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