Siamo una società a servizio completo di outsourcing audio specializzata in giochi, cinema e sonicazione industriale

Con oltre 35 anni di esperienza nella produzione musicale e 15 anni di esperienza nella registrazione sul campo e nel sound design, la nostra esperienza e i nostri servizi oggi includono Registrazione sul Campo, Sound Design Interattivo, Sonicazione Industriale, Post-Produzione Audio, Implementazione Giochi e Produzione Musica e composizione.


Dal reperimento e assicurazione alla registrazione sul campo e l’editing post-produzione, gestiamo l’intero processo in base delle vostre esigenze.

Alla ricerca di qualcosa di unico? Offriamo risorse non generiche ed esclusive per i tuoi giochi e abbiamo la possibilità di registrarne i personaggi e gli effetti sonori.

Siamo in grado di creare paesaggi sonori personalizzati, comunicativi e dinamici che forniscono continuamente informazioni all’utente.

Offriamo la post-produzione audio completa e costruiamo paesaggi sonori per film, cortometraggi e trailer che migliorano le esperienze e creano momenti memorabili.

Nel corso degli anni abbiamo lavorato in-house con i clienti e a distanza, offrendo una collaborazione senza interruzioni con il tuo team di game designer.

Il nostro team di compositori e produttori pluripremiati ha lavorato con diversi artisti con dischi di platino, creando colonne sonore su misura che danno alla storia l’umore giusto.


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Aleksander Karshikoff

Producer @ Unity

I have never encountered a team more preoccupied with detail and care for quality than my dear friends at Pole. It is always a great pleasure and remarkably convenient to ask for their help since there is never anything beyond their reach and the result is always at the highest level. Thank you, Max & Co.

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Anders Gyllenberg

CEO @ Fall Damage Studio

”Fall Damage worked closely with Pole Position to produce the voice over for our game Batalj. It was a smooth process and we were very happy with the result.”


Nathan Blais

Lead Audio @ Ubisoft Ivory Tower.

Working with Pole Position as always been a great pleasure. These guys understand our needs and make every effort to source the perfect cars, ensure recording according to our guidelines and successfully process assets. Without them, the sound of TC2 would certainly not have been what it is!

ben minto dice 1

Ben Minto

Audio Editor @ Dice

Max, Mats and Bernard are our local go to recordists, here in Stockholm. Over the past eight years at DICE, we have worked closely with POLE in recording and obtaining world class source material.

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Jason Kanter

Audio Lead @ Avalanche Studios

PPP carved out a sonic identity for our vehicles that was aligned with the Just Cause brand and helped to elevate the overall audio quality of the game.

mathias 1

Mathias Grünwaldt

Audio Director @ EA

Pole Position Production is a regular partner for our recording projects. They deliver great sounding recordings and I know they are always well prepared for eventual problems out in the field.

1694065 pavel 1

Pavel Stebakov

Audio Director @ Gaijin Entertainment

The guys from the Pole Position Production literally spread all over the world to record authentic engines of tanks and planes for us. As a result, tremendous work has been done in every sense of the word, and I personally got a few new friends.


Jason Wolford

Audio Lead @ Anki

Pole delivers stellar content every time. They are also a pleasure to work with. For these reasons, they will always be at the top of my list when I need new sounds for a project.

alex gregson

Alex Gregson

Sound Designer @ 344 Audio

We had a lot of extensive car chase scenes with exotic vehicles which we didn’t have the budget to rent and record. I chose Pole Position products for their multiple microphone positions and intimate sounds. The Director loved the results on the Lamborghini / Camaro SS car chase scene!


Conosci il team

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Niklas Olsson


Linus Anderberg

Eric 2

Eric Thorsell


Max Lachmann


Mats Lundgren


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Bernard Löhr

paul 1

Paul Virostek

P1011674Robin 1

Robin Olsson


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