We are a full service audio outsourcing company specialising in games, film and industrial sonification

With more than 35 years of experience from music production and 15 years of experience from field recording and sound design, our expertise and services today include Field Recording, Interactive Sound Design, Industrial Sonification, Audio Post-Production, Game Implementation and Music Production and Composition.


From sourcing and insurance to on-location recording and post-production editing, we manage the entire process based on your request.

In search of the unique? We offer non-generic and exclusive assets for your games and have the ability to record our own character and Foley sounds.

We can create customized, communicative and dynamic soundscapes which continuously provide the user with information.

We offer full audio post-production and build soundscapes for cinematics, short films and trailers that enhance experiences and create memorable moments.

Through the years we have worked in-house with clients as well as remote and offer seamless collaboration with your team of game designers.

Our team of award-winning composers and producers has worked with several platinum-selling artists and we create tailor-made soundtracks which gives the story the precisely right mood.


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Aleksander Karshikoff

Producer @ Unity

I have never encountered a team more preoccupied with detail and care for quality than my dear friends at Pole. It is always a great pleasure and remarkably convenient to ask for their help since there is never anything beyond their reach and the result is always at the highest level. Thank you, Max & Co.

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Richard King

Sound Supervisor/Warner Brothers, winner of 4 Oscar Awards

I’ve known the guys at Pole for years and since I know them as first class recordists, I wanted to bring them in when we started recording effects for Dunkirk. They were one of three recording teams spread around the world. We had a lot of period aircraft and boat recording to do, and they did some great detective work in locating said aircraft and boats, did an excellent job recording them and made an enormous contribution to the production. I’ll definitely work with them again, they do outstanding work.

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Nathan Blais

Lead Audio @ Ubisoft Ivory Tower.

Working with Pole Position as always been a great pleasure. These guys understand our needs and make every effort to source the perfect cars, ensure recording according to our guidelines and successfully process assets. Without them, the sound of TC2 would certainly not have been what it is!

philipp strecker producer thehunter call of the wild fvwa

Philipp Strecker

Producer for CotW @ Avalanche Studios, Stockholm

theHunter: Call of the Wild would not be complete without Pole Position’s fantastic musical score in all reserves. A smooth collaboration even on tight deadlines is what makes us come back every time!


Joakim Nordborg

Palindrome Interactive

While developing Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars we were recommended to contact Pole Position Production for help with music, sfx and audio creation. We’re immensely happy with the result and their work and would recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality audio partner! In addition to providing us with exceptional SFX and Music they also helped advise and steer us in the right direction to make the soundscape of the world feel just right!

James Park Kyung Won Profile

James Park Kyung-won

Lead Sound Designer @ PUBG/KRAFTON

During the production of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround we needed top notch vehicle sound effects and since I’d seen some truly awesome REV presets made by Pole I got in touch. Pole delivered wonderful material for experiments with REV and thanks to them the vehicle sounds in PUBG are realistic and enhances the gaming experience. The guys at Pole are very professional and experienced and they always make a huge effort from sourcing vehicles to delivering. We have always been very satisfied with their work and we look forward to working with Pole in the future when we need vehicle sound effects.

ben minto dice 1

Ben Minto

Audio Director @ Dice

Max, Mats and Bernard are our local go to recordists, here in Stockholm. Over the past eight years at DICE, we have worked closely with POLE in recording and obtaining world class source material.

1694065 pavel 1

Pavel Stebakov

Audio Director @ Gaijin Entertainment

The guys from the Pole Position Production literally spread all over the world to record authentic engines of tanks and planes for us. As a result, tremendous work has been done in every sense of the word, and I personally got a few new friends.

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Anders Gyllenberg

CEO @ Fall Damage Studio

”Fall Damage worked closely with Pole Position to produce the voice over for our game Batalj. It was a smooth process and we were very happy with the result.”


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Linus Anderberg

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Eric Thorsell


Sebastian Pohle

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Amina Hocine


Max Lachmann


Mats Lundgren

Johann small

Johann Prell

Robert Lindell

Robert Lindell

Sound Designer
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Magnus Laggar


Bernard Löhr

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Paul Virostek

Sound Editor
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Robin Olsson

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Lorenzo Salvadori

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Magnus Laggar




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